“I loved doing my training virtually for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I got to spend more time in my own home, utilizing this space I love so much. With my home as the classroom, I was more comfortable, more open, and more engaged in course material. The second part was that I got to learn from someone I wanted to learn from, and would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so, since we live in different geographical locations. I got to know people I likely would have never met, and I learned how to use social media in a more positive way, gaining important skills.” – Nicole M

“At first, I had my hesitation about doing a nail course virtually, but I can confidently say that I have not once felt like I was missing any part of the lesson or lacked instruction on how to achieve anything. Brooklyn is ready to answer any questions & help fine tune a technique we have learned. She is very observant and is quick to correct anything that may need extra attention. I have the confidence to move forward in my career to confidently book myself clients and explore new techniques as an En Vogue trained nail technician.” – Nicole M