the academy

Our modules are live paired with en Vogue professionally filmed lessons for online quality assurance. Our programs will ensure you are technically guided through everything in depth from the moment you hold a file to the step-by-step outcome of a perfectly sculpted beautiful nail.

Small class size ensures your benefit from maximum attention. Modules are in depth and thorough, spread out over multiple weeks, providing you the student with confidence as the instructor slows down and walks you through the journey.

One-on-ones available for any training including , product conversion, trouble shooting, advanced training etc.

At Avant Garde Academy, we believe your success is our success!

“I loved doing my training virtually for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I got to spend more time in my own home, utilizing this space I love so much. With my home as the classroom, I was more comfortable, more open, and more engaged in course material. The second part was that I got to learn from someone I wanted to learn from, and would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so, since we live in different geographical locations. I got to know people I likely would have never met, and I learned how to use social media in a more positive way, gaining important skills.” – Nicole M

“At first, I had my hesitation about doing a nail course virtually, but I can confidently say that I have not once felt like I was missing any part of the lesson or lacked instruction on how to achieve anything. Brooklyn is ready to answer any questions & help fine tune a technique we have learned. She is very observant and is quick to correct anything that may need extra attention. I have the confidence to move forward in my career to confidently book myself clients and explore new techniques as an En Vogue trained nail technician.” – Nicole M


Classes are twice a week, with the option of a daytime group or evening group. Running Mondays and Tuesdays, 9:30AM-1:30pm or 5:15PM-9:15PM with five days in between to practice lesson content.

Modules are $990/ea + tax (plus Standard Kit required at additional cost). Join our loyalty program which offers all four modules for 10% off, as well as a professional en Vogue carrying case.

free carrying case!

Free carrying case with our loyalty program.


LAC IT $990 + tax

Welcome to your intro to all things gel.

Every new technician will start here learning the basics of natural nail care and gel polish application. En Vogue`s gel polish technique, product and “9 free” commitment will ensure long lasting results and truly healthy nails. These qualities in a simple service will make you a true professional, even if this is as far as your nail journey goes.

*Includes direction to infection control platform

  • Natural nail knowledge & shaping
  • Nail anatomy & disorders
  • Sanitization & hygiene
  • Prep work, gel polish application & removal
  • Techniques to make your work flawless, superior & long lasting
  • Basic nail art

Kit required for course, shown below. Additional cost.

Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item


CBS $990 + tax

Known as “builder in a bottle”, this is a tech favourite. A warm welcome for new technicians due to easy application from a polish like brush & bottle. The CBS module is a beautiful introduction to gel.

This course will fast track your technical skills in hard gels as well as provide a new level of efficiency in the salon. This course is essential in the understanding and movement of hard gels in the premium line.

  • In depth understanding & application of Connect, Build, Shine
  • Intro to gel, getting comfortable moving gel
  • Intro to extensions
  • Intro to forms & tips

Kit required for course, shown below. Additional cost.

Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item



This module will ensure a long-lasting clientele due to your limitless skill set. Achieve a sought after following, simply due to en Vogue`s superior quality. Completing this course will make you exclusive to the most elite level of training in the gel world. Mastering various shapes, lengths, forms and rebalancing techniques are just some of the many skills you will learn in this module.

  • Product knowledge of premium collection
  • Mastering forms
  • Moving gel with confidence
  • Full sets, French sets, intro to fills
  • Trouble shooting difficult nails
  • All things shaping
  • Troubleshooting lifting

Kit required for course, shown below. Additional cost.


Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item


SIMPLY $990 + tax

Welcome to the simply line! The user-friendly line is a success in salons around the world due to its ease to learn and time saving qualities. Complete the quickest fills ever with simply`s diverse collection of self-leveling gels. After all, time is money!

No matter the service, the simply line has you simply covered. 

  • Simply application & product knowledge
  • Simply fills & overlays
  • Simply tips & extensions
  • Salon efficiency with Simply
  • Intro to Simply colour gels & glitters

Kit required for course, shown below. Additional cost.

Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item