our instructor

Brooklyn Rushworth’s drive comes from growing up in the industry. If there is one thing she always knew about herself, it was that she would never settle for a typical 9 to 5. She owns a bustling nail studio, while also growing the Academy. Brooklyn’s strengths include sculpting, efficiency in the salon, and teaching!
Brooklyn’s specialty is training newcomers to become successful entrepreneurs & nail technicians, her focus is educating students on not only the skill but the whole package associated with success. Brooklyn’s goal is to assist and support you in ultimately leading the life you dream of with your new skill set.
Away from clients and the classroom, Brooklyn enjoys cooking, yoga, and really getting to know people, but more than anything she loves to travel. Travelling the world & working en Vogue trade shows has been a highlight of her career, her passion now is pouring her knowledge and learnings along the way into newcomers.

 “Gratitude makes you fall in love with the life you already have”.

“I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Brooklyn as mentor. Brooklyn always makes herself available to her students in every way she can. Brooklyn is a warm, compassionate, and easy-going individual who has always made me feel supported and endlessly encouraged throughout every stage of my nail tech journey. Her feedback is clear and concise, always guiding us in the best waypossible to ensure our success.” – Michelle P

The Canadian company en Vogue brand was created for serious minded nail technicians who want to be on the cutting edge of technology and application of advanced techniques.

En Vogue manufactures advanced formulations to produce a comprehensive range of outstanding gel products. En Vogue’s R&D brings fashion forward gels while maintaining strict quality control applying healthy organic chemistry. As a world-renowned company, en Vogue provides premium products to nail professionals who appreciate high quality and consistency. With en Vogue, you can be confident you are using a foundation of gels that are second to none. Avant Garde is here to represent that.

en Vogue endorses Avant Garde Academy’s innovative approach to their original curriculum. Joining Avant Garde is the modern-day ideal approach to education and is largely inspired by en Vogues sophisticated complete nail technician program. Avant Garde Academy is committed to your accomplishments & works hard to ensure your success after completing the course. Teaching fundamentals & wisdom to succeed.

Spectacular nails begin with the right foundation!